Case Specific Questions or Concerns

The New York State Citizen Review Panels welcome public comment on New York’s Child Protection System.  Comments assist the panels in the assessment of impact of current policies, procedures and practices upon children and families in communities across the state. 

Comments may be made by sending us a message or mailing comments to the New York Citizen Review Panels, c/o Welfare Research, Inc., 14 Columbia Circle, Suite 104, Albany, NY 12203.

Questions or concerns related to any case-specific issues should first be raised with your local department of social services or agency in writing or by calling the worker’s supervisor, program director, executive director or Commissioner.  A listing of all New York State Social Services Districts may be found at:

If you can not resolve your issue at the local level and wish to pursue your concern further, please contact the New York State Office of Children and Family Services Regional Office in your area. Regional Office contact information is available at The Regional Office will evaluate concerns based on your information and information they receive from your local district or agency involved.