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Annual Reports

2022 Annual Report

Cover of 2022 Annual Report

Child Protection in New York State:
A New Paradigm

​​NYS Citizen Review Panels’ Recommendations for 2023:

  1. Reduce the incidence of actual cases of child abuse and maltreatment in New York State.

  2. Reduce unnecessary investigations of children and families by CPS.

  3. Reduce harmful practices in CPS investigations.

  4. Reduce unnecessary article ten petitions and unnecessary placements in foster care.

2021 Annual Report

Cover of 2021 Annual Report

From Poverty to Partnership

​​NYS Citizen Review Panels’ Recommendations for 2022:

  1. Reauthorize and restore essential preventive services funding to 75%.

  2. Eliminate anonymous reporting to the SCR.

  3. Remove poverty-related neglect allegations from the child welfare reporting system.

  4. Increase funding for concrete supports for families.

  5. Expand Family Assessment Response (FAR) statewide.

  6. Adopt the American Bar Association's (ABA) guidelines for observing injuries on a child's body.

  7. Study the impacts of the implementation of the Blind Removal Process and Kin-First Firewall Practice.

2020 Annual Report

Cover of 2020 Annual Report

20 Years and 2020

​​NYS Citizen Review Panels’ Recommendations for 2021:

  1. Differentiate poverty-related neglect from child maltreatment.

  2. Remove educational neglect as an allegation type.

  3. Increase preventive services and community-based supports for families in need.

  4. Reduce racial inequities in the child welfare system through policy and practice innovations.

  5. Support efforts to purposefully address and eliminate child poverty.

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